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If you have your phone on you throughout the day, you'll get a notification telling you what I am buying and when I'm selling. Allowing you to follow exactly what trades I'm getting in through out the trading day Mon - Friday. If you've seen me post the money I make on social media or other platforms, those are the plays I share with my chat members! If you'd like to join and follow along then click the link below!


Discord Signals

We all use the same platform to make easy for you to follow along! You will also be able to use a funded trading account that way you have access to the same amount of money I'm using! if you don't know about that check out the


Our Community

our group chat goes further than just following trades! you can stay up to date with economic news, link with gamers, share the gains in the gym! Trading just opens the door to have more time doing what you love! surround yourself with like minded individuals!

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