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  • 1-year mentorship with experienced traders to learn successful strategies for trading

  • Scheduled group classes with other mentees

  • One-on-one booking options within a provided schedule

  • Live trading calls during market hours

  • Access to recorded classes for self-paced learning

  • Opportunity to achieve six-figure income as a part-time trader

  • Learn from traders who have already made over six figures using the strategies taught.

  • Full refund if desire is not met disclosed under the refund policy terms

  • Access to the Community Discord chat with over +200 Members

  • Access to all educational materials such as Ebooks and Exclusive IMIT Management Trading strategy documents

  • Complete Walk through of how to get funded along your trading journey 

  • How to create a Trading Business

Refund Policy for Mentorship Program

If the mentee has completed all required criteria for the mentorship program and has not achieved the desired level of success, they may be eligible for a refund.


In order to request a refund, the mentee must provide evidence of completion of all program requirements and demonstrate that they have made a good faith effort to implement the strategies and techniques taught in the program.


If the mentorship team determines that the mentee has met these requirements and is eligible for a refund, the mentorship team will issue a full or partial refund of the program fees, at their discretion.


The decision of the mentorship team is final and binding. Please note that the mentorship team reserves the right to deny a refund request if it is determined that the mentee has not fulfilled the requirements of the program or has not made a good faith effort to implement the strategies and techniques taught in the program.


This refund policy is intended to be fair and flexible, and is designed to support the mentee in their journey to achieve their desired level of success.

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