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Support and Resources

What kind of support is available during the course?

We provide email support and an online community chat where you can find support from instructors, admins, and fellow students.

Are there any additional resources provided (e.g., ebooks, tools, software)?

Yes, we provide additional resources such as ebooks, cheat sheets, PDF’s and recommended software tools to complement your learning experience.

Do you offer any live sessions or webinars?

What are the technical requirements to access the courses?

Yes, we regularly host live zoom calls and Q&A sessions where you can interact with instructors and get real-time feedback.

You will need a computer or mobile device with an internet connection. Our courses are compatible with all major web browsers.

Is there a mobile app available for course access?

Yes, we have a mobile app that allows you to access course materials on your smartphone or tablet.

How can I contact customer support?

You can contact our customer support team via email, through our websites contact form or directly through the community chat. 

Do you offer group or corporate training sessions?

Yes, we offer customized training sessions for groups and corporate clients. Please contact us for more details and pricing. 

Do you have an affiliate or referral program?

Yes, we have an affiliate program that allows you to earn commissions by referring others to our courses. You can find more information and sign up on our website. 

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Video Channel Name

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