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Give yourself no choice but to succeed. Let the consequences of failure become so dire and so unthinkable that you'll have no choice but to do whatever it takes to succeed.

"I cant to do it"

"I'm not cut out for this."

"I' m just not cut out for this"

"I'm not smart enough for this"

A true mentor is someone who sees the greatness in you, even when you don't see it in yourself, and helps bring it out of you.

"Ill never get it"

"Its to difficult"

"why even try"

"Ill never be good enough"

"I don't think I'm capable of it"

Through imit, the possible can become possible. A unique, three stage approach at buildig up your finacial freedom has been designed.

The first Stage of IMITS mission to teach Mentees how to become effective traders is to equip them with the foundational knowledge of technical analysis and the stock market. By mastering technical analysis, traders can develop a deeper understanding of market trends, patterns, and signals, and use this knowledge to make informed decisions about their trades. In this step, we aim to provide clients with a comprehensive introduction to the world of trading, covering key concepts and strategies that are essential for success in the stock market.




The second stage of IMITS mission to teach Mentees how to master credit focuses on the importance of maximizing the potential of credit usage and building strong business credit. By understanding the ins and outs of credit and utilizing it effectively, businesses can gain access to crucial funding and financial resources that can fuel growth and success. In this step, we aim to provide Mentees with the knowledge and tools they need to take control of their credit and leverage it to their advantage.




The third stage of IMITS mission to teach clients how to effectively manage their finances is to provide expert financial advisement and tax services. By working closely with Mentees, we aim to develop customized financial plans that align with their unique goals and needs. Our team of financial advisors offers guidance on everything from investment strategies to retirement planning, helping clients make informed decisions about their money. Additionally, we offer expert tax services to ensure that clients are maximizing their returns and minimizing their tax liability. In this step, we aim to empower Mentees to take control of their finances and achieve financial security and stability.



  • over 160 active members, this community provides a space for traders to share their insights and ideas.

  • operates by posting signals for its members to follow on their own. These signals can range from specific stock picks to broader market analysis. Members can then use this information to inform their own trading decisions, with the added benefit of having a community to bounce ideas off of.

  • One of the main benefits is access to a diverse range of perspectives. With members from all over the world, the community brings together traders with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. 

  • In addition to the trading signals, the channel also provides a space for members to discuss market news and trends. This creates a collaborative environment where members can stay up-to-date on the latest developments and adjust their trading strategies accordingly.


  • Improve Trading Skills: Learn advanced trading techniques and strategies for the stock market and options trading, and apply them

  • Discover different investment opportunities adding options trading to your investment strategy.

  • Better Risk Management: Learn how to use technical analysis to identify and manage risks.

  • Increase Profit Potential: Gain the knowledge and skills to identify high-probability trades

  • Access to Expert Instructors: Learn from experienced instructors who have a proven track record of success in the financial industry, and get personalized feedback and guidance.

  • Flexibility and Convenience: Access the course materials and resources online, and learn at your own pace




Seperate service

(included in the imimentorship)

  • Expert guidance on how to manage and reduce debt effectively

  • Personalized budgeting advice to help individuals gain control over their finance

  • Strategies for saving and investing for the future to meet financial goals

  • Improved financial literacy to ensure individuals have a strong foundation for making smart financial decisions in the long run

  • Maximize your tax savings: Our course will teach you how to take advantage of all the tax deductions available to stock market traders, helping you save money on your taxes.

  • Tailored to your needs: We understand that every trader's situation is unique, so our course is designed to be flexible and customizable to meet your specific needs and goals


  • Personal Tax Advisor available at any time 

  • Improve Credit Score: The course offers a comprehensive understanding of the credit score system, how it works, and how to improve it.

  • Master Credit Usage: The course provides in-depth knowledge of how credit works, including interest rates, credit utilization, and credit reporting.

  • Learn to Maximize Credit: The course teaches participants how to maximize their credit by leveraging credit card rewards programs, travel perks, and cashback opportunities.

  • Gain Up to 100K in Credit: The course provides a roadmap for participants to gain up to 100k in credit spending limits. 

  • Become Financially Empowered: The course empowers participants with the knowledge and skills to make informed financial decisions. Participants will learn how to read credit reports, track spending, and create a budget that aligns with their financial goals.


Seperate service

(included in the imimentorship)

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