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This is an online course with videos, PDFs, & more!

Guaranteed Prop Firm Funding:

Get an account with $150,000 to manage and trade with!

Online Classes:

We help you understand the market and proper risk management skills to become a full time trader!

Tax Advisory: Trading isn't just about making money but also how to spend it the right way!

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bangers on bangers

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IMIT Signals

We use Discord to allow traders to follow our trades!

We have strategies we use with technical analysis that give us the edge in knowing when to get in, and when to get out of a trades. we made this chat to give you the same edge in the market by telling you when and what we are trading!

*your choice to follow us*

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The easy wins you could get asap to get your money up!

Although money is something we work hard for. There's ways to get a couple hundred out of thin air.


Plus tips and tricks to fast track things that usually take way to much time when you need it now...

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